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The Hair Color Evolution Of Jennifer Lopez

Susie B
Jennifer Lopez Hair Color

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few decades, you have probably heard of Jennifer Lopez, a.ka. JLo. You know JLo – the singer, actress, celebrated dancer, hit record producer, Grammy nominee, fashion mogul and more recently, one of the judges of the popular reality show American Idol.

The ultimate style icon…

Already in her early 40’s Jennifer Lopez still manages to captivate her beloved followers not only with her intriguing life but also with her ability to defy aging. And aside from her voluptuous body and her money-spinning voice, she is also known for her gorgeous hair and timeless style.

In most of her music videos, you can see her sporting her trademark hairstyle – loose and sexy curls framing her face. However, she is every bit the enchanting female when her hair is styled in tight curls and adorned with a floral pin or a bejewelled hair accessory.

Jennifer Lopez black and white

Most people would agree that Jennifer Lopez is a style chameleon. She tends to change her look depending on where she is in her life or who she is dating at the time. For instance, you could see her far more often in street style outfits with headbands over dreadlocks while dating Puff Daddy.

She has made a couple of hair and fashion faux pas (but who hasn’t!), and it wasn’t until the past few years that she has finally settled into her permanent elegant and timeless hairstyle. Out with the sporty look and in with the glamorous pulled-back hairstyles and messy updos. Her old Hollywood-inspired hairstyle in 2007 got her two thumbs up from the style world.

The hair colors that have defined JLo

Jennifer Lopez with lighter brown hair

Her transition to different hair colors through her years in Hollywood are also worth noticing. We loved her as a simple and stunning brunette when she first broke out on the scene and I am sure you have also seen her two-tone hair back in 2000 (although that might be one she wants to forget). She is better known for her honey and caramel hair color that developed in early part of the century, and we even saw her experimenting with some slightly ginger tones. The days of experimenting seem to be over though, as in her recent American Idol appearances she has switched back to her classic caramel and honey hair color trademark and loose curls.

Want Hair Color like Jennifer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez with her trademark hair color

At HairColorCode HQ the thing we love about Jlo is that she wears a color that looks 100% Hollywood, but can be achieved by anyone using the right hair dyes. It wont be an easy task though, as Jennifer’s color tends to layer browns and caramels in a style that can be quite tricky for a beginner. If you are wanting to achieve this look but are feeling a little nervous, I would recommend speaking with a colorist or a friend who has experience with tricky applications.

If you decide to go it alone and want to find a base color that matches Jennifer’s classic brown shade, try L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Ultra Light Natural Brown UL51
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    [...] Do you want hair color as fabulous as Jennifer Lopez? Read our guide to JLo’s hair color history, and learn how to achieve her amazing trademark Read more [...]

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