White hair – the most stylish way to shock!

Woman with pure white hair in a bob

If you are a regular visitor to HairColorCode, the chances are that you have dyed your hair once or twice (or a hundred times) in the past, but how many of us have ever consider white as a shade?

You may be surprised to hear that white-hued locks are no longer just for the twinset and pearls crowd, youthful celebrities and models are now jumping on the bandwagon and enjoying the dramatic look of white hair and the blank canvas it offers for adding other bright colors. Although white hair used to be associated with premature aging, that is most definitely no longer true, and you only need to look at the catwalks for proof that this color is firmly in vogue.

Stars who are rocking white hair

Mary-Kate Olsen with white blonde hair

Celebrities such as Agyness Deyn, Gwen Stefani and Mary-Kate Olsen have all rocked white hair in their time, as has Christina Aguilera. But we mustn’t forget that these celebs have plenty of stylists to keep their locks looking smooth, shiny and healthy – and for white hair to look good, it needs much more maintenance than ‘regular’ hair colors.

There’s no denying that white hair is a dramatic look but it is more difficult to achieve than other colors as it involves bleaching and toning the hair a number of times to get the desired shade. You will then need to use a purple-toned shampoo which will help to reduce any yellowness or brassiness in the hair, and along with your toner will help to keep the hair pure white. Rinsing with cold water and white vinegar will also help, and you will need to use plenty of conditioner to keep the hair in tip-top condition.

Who can pull off white hair?

Pale girl with platinum white hair

Although white hair is very fashionable, it doesn’t suit everyone – those who are very tanned, olive-skinned or dark-skinned should usually steer clear of white hair as it can wash out your complexion. While it is obviously a fake color, you want it to look as though it’s completely right for you and so it should compliment your skin tone.

White hair usually looks best on a fair complexion, but rules are made to be broken and if you enjoy experimenting with other fun colors such as pink and blue you may well be able to carry off a shock of white.

If you want to try this new hair color trend but are a little too afraid to go the whole way, try dyeing a few bits of your hair underneath the fringe or underneath the hair itself, this will allow you to figure out if the color suits you or not.

Whether you choose to go bright white or whether you’d rather stick with golden blonde, rock your hair color with confidence and you’ll definitely turn heads!

The best white hair color products

Want to release your inner White Queen? This is a shade that is probably best left to the professionals, although there are toners you can buy to use once you have bleached your hair with a home dye kit, our favorites are Manic Panic Hair Dye Virgin Snow and Paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale.
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