Winter Hair Color – Styling For The Season

Woman in snow with dark winter hair color

As summer turns to autumn turns to winter, it’s not unusual to feel the urge for a change when it comes to our hair color. Maybe we are inspired by the rich shades of the falling leaves, maybe it’s a preemptive attempt to counter the winter blues, but there are many practical reasons why now is a great time to make a change.

Through the fun and frivolity that summer brings many of us neglect our hair and subject it to the extremes of sun, chlorine from pools, or being tossed and tousled during blustery motorcycle and scooter rides, or we simply forgo regular maintenance. By autumn, our hair is in need of some major love to return it to a healthy state–and to prepare ourselves for a few months of darker fashion trends.

So what hair colors look best in winter?

Woman with dark brown curly hair in winter scarf
Woman with blonde hair in winter
Young girl with red hair in the show
woman with black hair in the snow

Since fabrics become richer and deeper in the winter months, often people opt to complement this by taking their hair a bit darker. This is not to say you have to go from honey blonde to dark chocolate, but a casual dimming of the brightness may be in order.

For blondes, adding richer darker blonde lowlights can add depth and replace some of the dimension lost by the ravages of the sun. For medium to dark shades, a color bath to add subtle shade richness and tonal enhancement can be a welcome intervention. You can add a hint of warmth by adding auburn or chestnut, or you can replace some of the cooler tones to remove unwanted brassy notes.

When we are denied access to the suns bronzing rays, those of us with fairer complexions revert back to our more pasty origins. Yes, I know there are alternatives (*cough* tanning booths) and makeup, but when the sun disappears behind a cloud, deepening your hair color keeps you from looking washed out.

It is wise not to go too dark if you simply want to stay in harmony with your skin as this could become counter-productive, simply opt for a level or two of richness for effective seasonal tweaking.

On the catwalks, the winter collections often use a darker richer palette, and as our hair is the only fashion accessory we never remove many of us decide that our own color statement is in need of attention.

However you should never listen to the experts (including me!) if it becomes counter-intuitive or if you get a separation anxiety from your beach-blonde or chocolate brunette.

It all comes down to comfort, self-esteem, and projecting your unique personal style. It is wise whatever the weather to make sure your hair reflects your personality, and remains healthy and well maintained.

You don’t have to wait till winter to make the change

The seasons need not be the only catalyst for change – if you are feeling an overwhelming need to thumb through hair magazines it could be that you are just bored with your current look, or want to expand your fashion repertoire, or are simply looking for new ways to express yourself.

My advice is to not look for change with the onset of the new season or when the fashion mags hit the shelves, but whenever you want to explore ways to keep your style fresh, exciting, and a true expression of who you are.

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray… some non-permanent shades to brighten up your day:

  • Clairol Natural Instincts 16, Spiced Tea, Light Auburn
  • Garnier Herbashine Haircolor, 645 Copper Mahogany Brown
  • Claudia Stevens Hair Highlighter Gold
  • Clairol Professional Jazzing 80: Toasted Chestnut
  • Lush Henna Hair Dye Caca Brun Mama: Rich Dark Brown

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