Guide To Dying/Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

Woman with blonde dyed hair

Whether you want to look like you have been to the beach or to the bleach, there are a few things to consider prior to going blonde.

Blondes do draw a lot of attention, but to get the attention you will find an added commitment to the color is required, needing more of your time and effort than some other shades.

When going blonde you must take a good peek at your current complexion. For example, if you have a lot of gold or yellow undertones in your skin, you may want to avoid strong golden hues or it may have a tendency to make you look monochromatic or even like you are not feeling well.

Complementing those tones with strawberry shades or coppers are good selections and also lend themselves to a broad spectrum of application.

Pale, cooler skin types are often flattered by the ash or champagne tones that even out your complexion. With this skin, adding highlights to frame the darker blonde shade does wonders for those who are fair. Check out pictures of people who have your complexion and the shades that suit them to start your research.

Tip: You can always take a lap through a wig store and ‘try on’ certain colors and see not only how you look, but how you feel in certain shades!

Maintaining your new blonde hair

The next thing to consider is maintenance. The further you deviate from your natural shade, the more frequently you will have to attend to the regrowth. Those who totally bleach their hair will see “peppers” (immediate evidence of darker hair growing in) within a few days of application. If you ever thought your hair doesn’t grow – bleach your hair, you will be amazed!

Blondes do require upkeep, and in the industry we used to say that “our blondes built our homes!” If you can’t afford more frequent color purchases at home or salon visits (often twice as often or more), then avoid going too light!

Tip: Sometimes you can get away with only doing your part and hairline in between. Make sure your style permits this before avoiding tune-ups or stretching your maintenance. I don’t care what Hollywood says, roots aren’t cool!

Coloring your hair blonde without the full commitment…

For those who want less of a commitment, try adding a few foils. Foils add a few lighter strands of color throughout your hair to brighten and add interest. It is also a good way to progressively go lighter. I also recommend people adding two shades with their foils, one slightly lighter than the next to keep it looking natural.

This way you can also add a few darker shades with a change of season without having to do a color correction. This skill is harder for to attempt on yourself, so if home color is your choice, it is wise to have a confidant close by!

Tip: You can purchase colored hair extensions that clip in and test the color strands before altering your natural fabric. Also many extensions can be colored to help you find a palatable shade. This way you can determine how large and how light you would like your color before making it permanent!

You can also combine techniques to gain a more natural outcome. This means you can lighten your natural level (in the industry we will call this ‘breaking the base’), and then add some highlights to further lighten your hair by gaining a depth and dimension that solid color cannot always provide.

This also breaks up your commitment as the regrowth line is less distinct (in some cases). Combining techniques requires more skill and the abilities of whoever is doing the application should be considered.

Tip: To save money you can consider doing your own home color and then having a professional add a few strategic highlights to complement your work. This way you avoid the potential mishap of heavy-handed highlights at home and the possibility of irreparable damage!

The risks of dying your hair blonde

Finally, going lighter does pose risk. You have to remove the unwanted depth by using a lightener whether that is bleach or high strength developer. These do not allow for much margin for error or overlap. The hair can only endure certain amounts of chemical onslaught before it will disintegrate.

With hair lighteners there can be a fine line between turning heads and turning stomachs! If you go too light to where the hair is “fried,” the only true way to fix the problem is patience, the shears, and a box of tissues. Deep conditioners can only temporarily add some moisture, but honestly do not bring the hair back. At this point the ability for the hair to hold any toners or color is all but lost, so respect your hair and your abilities!

Tip: If you are in doubt as to what your hair will endure, cut a small strand from a discreet area and process it first (completely as you would on your whole head). This will allow you to see what your whole head may look like without the pain of finding out you probably should have stayed a brunette.

As has been said before, brands will take a backseat to skill in most cases, but I do appreciate the long-term expertise in research and development of some of the time-tested brands.

Those such as Wella, L’Oreal, and Clairol do indeed have solid histories especially when it comes to blonde color, bleaches, and toners. I also highly recommend avoiding the ‘I can make your hair look just like the sun did it’ products. They are typically peroxide based without the added necessary colors needed for the beautiful end result.

The key thing is preparing yourself for the bold revealing. Whether it is a nervous giggle or courageous growl, being blonde will change you. Blondes are beautiful, alluring, and fun, consider the above points, and then go for it!

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