Jennifer Aniston – The Hair Color Icon

Jennifer Aniston with her natural hair color

She’s the best friend of Courtney Cox, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt and she has earned herself the title of the definitive hair color icon of the 90’s. If you guessed Jennifer Aniston, you are absolutely right!

Aniston worked as a Bike Messenger, Telemarketer and Waitress before getting her big break as Rachel on the hit television series Friends, and guess what Rachel did for a living, yep, she was a Waitress. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Remarkably enough, Aniston was asked to audition for the role of Monica and she outright refused, instead deciding to audition for the character of Rachel Green. Talk about a woman’s intuition! She successfully nailed the role and Friends launched her to the fame and fortune she had always dreamed of.

At the age of 42, Aniston can still warm our hearts through her fun and sexy film roles. However just like anything in life, you can’t please everyone, in the words of Aniston herself, “It’s impossible to satisfy everyone, and I suggest we all stop trying”. I couldn’t have said it better myself Jennifer.

According to Jennifer’s circle of friends and acquaintances she is invigorating, energizing and inspiring. Even Brian Bouma, who allegedly had a secret relationship with Aniston, describes her as “smart, amazing and fabulous”. People love her because they can relate to her and her experiences, and they love the way in which she chooses to live life to the fullest. But it’s not just her infectious personality and fabulous acting that has contributed to her success, Jennifer’s hair style (fondly known as ‘the Rachel’) was imitated by women throughout the 90’s and is arguably the most well known look of our times.

Over the past few years Aniston has changed her hair more times than a baby changes its diaper, and we absolutely love her for it. She’s had multi-tonal highlights, high layers, artistic color and sun kissed tones. After reading all of that you must be wondering how much time she spends by the hairdresser’s side!

Let’s take a look at a few of the colors Aniston has used over the years:

The Rachel

This is the most popular hair style worn by Aniston, and the look that made her an icon. According to Aniston’s hair stylist ‘The Rachel’, which is loved by women all over the world, was a fluke. The saying goes “Every fault is a fashion”, and this couldn’t have been truer in this case. With her medium-length hair, the stylist decided on a whim to layer the hair around her bangs and add a few blonde highlights to her natural ginger locks, and the rest, they say, is history!

Sun Kissed

By celebrity standards, Jennifer is quite conservative when it comes to picking her hair colors, and she’s never tried the extreme stand-out colors we are seeing from the new breed of Hollywood star. Aniston prefers to go with more classic and stylish looks, and make them her own. Our favorite example of this was when she was spotted on the Caribbean beaches sporting a fabulous sun kissed blonde look, again seamlessly mixed with her natural tones to create a distinctive and iconic style.

Brunette Bombshell

When Jennifer turned out for her latest staring role in the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’, we were all shocked and amazed to see her sporting a sultry brunette look. This is the boldest change she’s ever made to her hair color, and I don’t think there is a person on a planet who wouldn’t agree that she looks great.

If you want to recreate one of Jennifer’s trademark looks, or if you want to blend your own natural colors to create your own Aniston-esque style, try using multi-tonal highlights within a close range to your base color. These subtle effects can be mesmerizing, and it works with straight, curly and wavy hair. Don’t feel you have to go big and bold to create something truly distinctive, if Jennifer Aniston has taught us anything it’s that natural beauty and subtle changes can still create a worldwide style icon.

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